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SheWolf Clothing photoshoot

Had the pleasure of spending the day with Lauren, the owner and designer of SheWolf Clothing. She and 5 other models were wearing some of the examples of her fall line of designs and I was the lucky photographer that was there to create the photographs! SheWolf is on Facebook also!

Here is a few of the photos from the day.



SnapKnot Giveaway!

If you are looking for a chance at winning a top of the line Digital SLR from either Nikon or Canon then go to slipknot.com and enter the contest for a Nikon D800 or a Canon Mark III! 

Big thanks to the SnapKnot wedding photography directory for offering this great camera giveaway!

Madison ABC Book Session 2

Madison was a trooper for session 2! We only finished 3 letters, but 2 of the shots were complicated.

One was a 4 picture composition:

Madisons ABC Book Sessions

Madisons ABC Book Sessions

The ballons and each shot of madison was a separate picture that was merged to one spread. She did a great job being pt. with mom and I.

(Yes, she got to keep the balloons and bubbles!)

She then got to wear the angel wings for a few shots in natural light. I didn’t show her zombie faced angel pictures! I told her angels weren’t zombies, and she disagreed.

The last difficult shot for madison was supposed to demonstrate Energy. She has a lot! She was fueled with M&M’s in between shots to recharge:

Madisons ABC Book Sessions

Madisons ABC Book Sessions

One more session to go next week and then off to build a super sweet ABC Memory Book!

Madisons ABC Book Session 1

This is Madison!


She is 3 years old and full of spunk and energy. Her parents and I are going through 3 sessions over a few weeks and creating an ABC picture book all about Madison!

This is the first session and she is a fantastic model!


She is able to show a wide range of facial expressions in a short amount of time, and she doesn’t get tired! It’s amazing.

Her parents Nathan and Jessica are wonderful and easy to work with and their son Aiden is a great big brother!

Madison loves, loves, loves Minny!

and she loves to talk on the phone…..

2 more sessions to go!

Some New Modeling Shots from Portland Class

Had a great time shooting a few models in the Look Fabulous Tour class on Tuesday in Portland. It was a Master Class on incorporating fashion style photography into wedding and senior photography. The instructors are some of the best fashion and editorial photographers in the world: Lou Freeman and Lindsay Adler! They were fantastic and I had a blast!

Here are a few of my shots from the class:

CSHaley Photography Senior Model Program 2014!!

The CSHaley Photography Senior Model Program is a way for high school seniors to earn discounts on their senior portraits, while helping us show off the latest styles and update our senior images for our class of 2014 marketing campaign!

Here are the details:  High School Senior Model Application

Senior Rep Benefits

#1) 60 minute modeling session. Bring 3-4 fun, funky and fashionable outfits.

#2) You’re required to purchase a session at CSHaley Photography.

#3) Designer Rep Cards 25 custom designed cards with your name and image to get you started. Refer your friends to us with these cards and you get $50 off. Let’s hope you need more!!

#4) Website, Blog, Brochures, Public display & Facebook are some of the places in which you may appear!

#5) You’ll receive a cool video slideshow and five images to display on your Facebook.

#6) For every rep card or Promo code redeemed from your friends, you will receive $50 off your final portrait order. Valid one card per senior, per session.

You don’t have to be a perfect model size or look like a model to get IN. We base our decision on personality, activities and eagerness to be in the program. We are looking for models that truly appreciate CSHaley Photography quality, and can see the difference in our work. Remember, only a limited number of CSHaley Photography Senior Reps are accepted from each school! If you meet our requirements sign up today!


Capture the Once in a Lifetime Moments

Your child that amuses and exhausts you every day will soon grow up and evolve into a young adult, and this wonderful time of their lives will disappear into a distant memory. It’s critical to capture this time of their lives now with beautiful artistic photography.


We promise you that your children’s photography will be hung on your walls of your home forever and will be show with pride. Nothing you can buy will give you as much satisfaction for the rest of your life, so call us today to book your baby portrait photography. It will be the best investment you ever made.


Photographing the special moments in life is what I love most and what I am SO passionate about. From capturing the sweet bond between parents and their brand new baby, to children and their unique little personalities, to seniors about to start a new chapter in their life… these are the moments we all cherish and want to remember for years to come. I don’t believe that people are props or simply a smile aimed at a camera. Each person, each relationship is so much more than that. Those little quirks that make you unique, the bonds, the connections, the fun, the serious times, the silly moments – that is what I love to capture. All of it.

Nathans Family Pics_3004

Frequent photographs of your children can show how they grow and change better than any pencil-mark on a doorframe. Our kids photography sessions always seem to capture the perfect smile and the most beautiful expression in the kids photos, forever recording awkward and cute phases, missing teeth and sassy personalities. Alone or with their siblings, we know how to work with children of all ages to give you and your children portraits to cherish and share for a lifetime.

Call today and set up one of our Capture the Memories packages or create the personalized ABC Book of your child

A Photography Studio Party in your own Home or on Location


Photo Shoot Parties for all occasions in the comfort of your own home for girls, boys or adults. Whether you are looking for a special treat to mark the end of school term..a teenage birthday party…a school prom…baby shower… our exciting and fun photo shoot parties can really make your child’s special day something unique and for them to remember forever.

Be a model for an evening! – Teenage girls in particular really enjoy having a professional photographer set up a studio with all the lighting equipment and backdrop in their own home.Our parties will take you through the key posing techniques that models, celebrities and Hollywood superstars use on the red carpet and magazines and give you that insight into how to enhance your shape to look your best.


Stunning Images for you to keep! – the photo shoot party experience is designed to create a fun and exciting atmosphere for a group of friends to enjoy strutting their stuff but also to capture some stunning studio images that are both natural, fun and creative and that capture great friendships at a key time in your life. Each “model” will get a chance to have some portrait shots taken to enhance their individual feautures and for the fun to continue with group shots of the party models all together.

Parents : Trying to find something different for your teenager party or special occasion? It is more than just a party, but an experience that your child and their friends will remember for years to come and will capture a special time in your child’s life, whether they are turning, 10, 13 or 16! All you have to do is provide some food and drink and music if appropriate. From experience, it is better if the food is served after the photo shoot and is kept to something simple.


What does the party include?

  • Photographer for 2 hours attendance
  • Professional studio lighting and backdrop
  • Time for a wardrobe change to allow you to create a “different” look.
  • Complimentary 8″ x10″ group celebration photograph for the birthday child/host and their guests ( normally valued at ($20.00)
  • Opportunity to purchase further images or even Canvas prints on the website at a discount rate.
  • All of this included for up to 8 guests attending. For additional guests it is only $40 extra per guest which includes their complimentary photograph.
  • A music slideshow of the best images on a cool DVD for all the guests!
  • Birthday child/host will also get a complimentary book of images from the party to help remember the special day!

Call 541-953-6188 for pricing


Don’t Forget About Baby Photos!

Parents sometimes forget to document the baby years. It’s a hectic time, and children grow fast! Call and make that appointment, and let me be the one to remind you! Get those nice wall galleries or canvas prints set up and create instant conversation starters and bragging rights. Make the home beautiful, warm, and family friendly.


Make-up can make the shoot fun!

It’s incredible the difference make-up makes during a photoshoot. The flashe can wash out the usual level of coverage, but a well applied job can make the face really pop (and color can make it a fun image also!).

Here are some examples from my senior and modeling shoots!